Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall Quilt Market and Festival 2012

Well, we are finally getting caught up since arriving home from Houston Market and Festival - both shows were great, thank goodness since we had so much trouble getting there.  Mike and I drove with all of our displays and merchandise in our 5th wheel. We allowed 5 days to get to Houston even though we can do it in 4 days (my idea - and I had to fight for it).   We took our little dog Bailey because she can't handle it when we leave her.

First 2 days went great - third day, we were driving through El Paso and had a blowout on the 5th wheel. Called AAA to come out and change the tire - only a 2 hour setback, no big deal.  Fourth day, we started out in Fort Stockton, TX with half a tank of gas - no gas station for 100 miles - we found one 13 miles out of our way in Iraan TX and ran out of gas in the driveway of the gas station (yes, blocking traffic). Mike had to go to 3 places to find a gas can, $25 later (which he is still complaining about) we put the gas in and the truck won't start - found out that when you run out of diesel you have to pump the gas through the line before you can start the engine, so Mike is covered with gas as it is splashing all over him while he is pumping the gas line in the engine (still blocking traffic).

Ok, we are back on the road (Mike reeks of gasoline) - still OK with time.  After about 2 hours we hear a loud explosion of air - another blowout?  No, a compressed air line in the engine blew.  Great!  call AAA again and wait 2 hours for them to get to us - we are literally in the middle of nowhere sitting on the side of the freeway with our little dog Bailey.  He finally arrives, brings the wrong tow truck for our truck and 5th wheel so it takes him over an hour just to hitch us up. 
We get towed to a service station in Junction, TX (after turning the wrong way off the freeway and having to make a u-turn in the middle of a 4 lane highway and getting stuck (blocking traffic).  Another hour.  Finally get to the service station and they have to order a part to fix the hose.  Closest part is 100 miles away in San Antonio.  It is 5:00 pm.  We have to camp in the parking lot of this service station and pay one of his employees to drive to San Antonio for the part the next morning.  Finally got back on the road about 2:00 the next day.
Ok, it is our last day of travel and we have to get to Houston so we can set up our booth the next morning.  We made it - 9:00 pm and the RV park office is closed - we camp in the parking lot. 
But, hey we made it!  Our booth turned out really cute and we had a great show.

We introduced some of our new designs - which did very well: 
Here is our new "Christmas Village" block of the month
"Gingerbread" candle mat

"Christmas Chain"

"First Snow" little quilt and snowman in a jar.

Our new designs can be found on the website:
The drive home was pretty uneventful except for another tire blowout on the 5th wheel and losing a hubcap on our truck.  Thank God for AAA.  We might try a different route to Houston next year.


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  1. Oh my just can't make this stuff are hilarious and your husband a trooper. What a traveling ordeal for the two of you, BUT the end result is your "stunning" booth at the show. So happy to hear that you did well to be expected because your designs are simply outstanding. Love it all. Thanks for sharing.