Saturday, August 4, 2012

The dust has finally settled from Quilt Festival in Long Beach, CA.  It was a great show for us - we met so many nice people and had a great time, even though Rhonda tripped over an empty bin during setup and tried to save her fall by grabbing a table on wheels - doesn't work - worse than the sprained ankle was the embarrasment, Mike was talking to Nick and Lisa from Primitive Gatherings and they saw the whole thing - don't you just hate to fall? 

Then there was Debbie's trip to the restroom to fill our vase with water for the beautiful daisies she brought from her garden.  As she was trying to fill the vase from those darned faucets with the sensors instead of handles, a man walked in.  She looked up and saw the wall of urinals and was horrified to realize she was in the men's room - the man didn't seem to mind and went about his business.  Typical.  We sure got a good laugh though.

We introduced some new projects in Long Beach, like our new book "Words With Wool". 

And our new candle mats "Trick or Treat" and "Crazy Christmas Tree"

And we started a new monthly project "Little Quilt Club", you can sign up to receive a complete kit for a little quilt each month.  Here is our first "Little Quilt Club" project "Harvest Pinwheels". 
Don't you just love all the fall colors?

And our new quilt "Christmas Memories" that did'nt get finished, but we took it anyway - it will be on the website when we get the center block embroidered.

Our next show is in San Diego at the convention center September 13 - 15, then we are off to Houston Quilt Festival - November 1 - 4.  More details to follow.

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