Wednesday, November 18, 2015

If you are following our Mystery Quilt Blog Hop,
We have exciting news!!!

The designers are sending me their finished blocks and they are fabulous!  I am working on sewing them all into a quilt that
is turning out pretty darn cute.  The finished quilt will be
revealed on December 5th along with instructions to make it.

Each time you purchase a block kit from any of the designers
you will be entered into a drawing to win the finished quilt. 
If you have previously purchased kits, you have been
entered into the drawing - you don't need to do anything.
Kits are still available from many of the designers. 
Visit their blog/website (shown below) to purchase their kits.

The winner will be announced on December 12th

Kits are still available for my block on mywebsite

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Let the Blog Hop Begin!

Here is block #1, designed by Rhonda McCray "Christmas Candle"

This is a 9" finished block.  Kits are available on our website  for $10.95 each which includes shipping.  Kit includes background fabric and wool.



Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Christmas Mystery Quilt Blog Hop

Join us for
Farmhouse Threads
Christmas Mystery Quilt
Blog Hop! 

For 10 weeks, beginning October 3rd we will share with you free patterns from some of our favorite designers to complete a Christmas Quilt just in time for Christmas.  Each week, one designer will post the pattern to make a Christmas block using wool appliqué and embroidery on cotton.  Week 10 will include the instructions to put all of these blocks together with some fun borders to complete your Christmas quilt.  Finishing kits will be available from Farmhouse Threads.  
Make sure you sign up for each designer’s blog/website to receive the free patterns.
  Please share our blog hop with your friends and have them follow along! 

Week 1, October 3rd – Rhonda McCray, Farmhouse Threads
Week 2, October 10th –  Shawn York, Rusty Crow Quilt Shop
Week 3, October 17th -  Debbie Busby, Wooden Spool Designs
Week 4, October 24th – Joyce Weeks, Geoff’s Mom Pattern Co.
Week 5, October 30th  – Gloria Parsons, Olde Green Cupboard Designs
Week 6, November 7th – Joan Grenke, Bits and Pieces by Joan
Week 7 November 14th – Kathy Campbell, Heart to Hand
Week 8, November 21st  – Jeni Gaston, Woolen Willow Designs
Week 9, November 28th – Lisa Bongean, Primitive Gatherings
Week 10, December 5th – Finishing Instructions from Farmhouse Threads

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


If you don't already follow Gloria Parsons blog "Old Green Cupboard Designs", you should!  She is a crack-up and really nice, not to mention her great ideas and that she likes the same things I do.  Here is a link to her blog:

Recently she challenged her followers to finish 5 UFO's "unfinished projects" in 5 months - that is 1 project a month.  I think I can do that - so I am up for the challenge.  Here is my list:

1.        “Ohio Star Crossing” by Country Threads.  I started this 2 years ago, got busy with something else and never went back.  I love this quilt and everything else by Country Threads.


2.        “In the Woods” designed by me “Farmhouse Threads”.  I designed this quilt for Diamond Textiles and made it with their fabric for Spring Market.  I think I need one for myself so I want to make another one.


3.        I signed up for “Primitive Gatherings” Summer Block of the Week – WHAT WAS I THINKING???????  I love it – but time is not on my side these days.

I am going to do it anyway!      


4.        I want to make this quilt by Country Threads “Line Up”.  I just love it and maybe now I will get it made.


5.       I promised my son-in-law’s sister I would make her this quilt a long time ago.  Another one of my designs – it has family pictures in it printed on inkjet fabric sheets. 

So that is my list. By posting this, hopefully it will get my butt in gear to get these done!!!



Spring Quilt Market

Still recovering from Spring Quilt Market 2013.  We had a great time in Portland and took lots of orders.  Here are some pictures of our booth.  New designs will be posted on the website soon.
This is what we started with:
And here is the finished booth:
One of my new designs "Pumpkin Garden", made entirely from wool.

More booth pictures.....

Another new design "Veggie Mats" was very popular at Market


Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall Quilt Market and Festival 2012

Well, we are finally getting caught up since arriving home from Houston Market and Festival - both shows were great, thank goodness since we had so much trouble getting there.  Mike and I drove with all of our displays and merchandise in our 5th wheel. We allowed 5 days to get to Houston even though we can do it in 4 days (my idea - and I had to fight for it).   We took our little dog Bailey because she can't handle it when we leave her.

First 2 days went great - third day, we were driving through El Paso and had a blowout on the 5th wheel. Called AAA to come out and change the tire - only a 2 hour setback, no big deal.  Fourth day, we started out in Fort Stockton, TX with half a tank of gas - no gas station for 100 miles - we found one 13 miles out of our way in Iraan TX and ran out of gas in the driveway of the gas station (yes, blocking traffic). Mike had to go to 3 places to find a gas can, $25 later (which he is still complaining about) we put the gas in and the truck won't start - found out that when you run out of diesel you have to pump the gas through the line before you can start the engine, so Mike is covered with gas as it is splashing all over him while he is pumping the gas line in the engine (still blocking traffic).

Ok, we are back on the road (Mike reeks of gasoline) - still OK with time.  After about 2 hours we hear a loud explosion of air - another blowout?  No, a compressed air line in the engine blew.  Great!  call AAA again and wait 2 hours for them to get to us - we are literally in the middle of nowhere sitting on the side of the freeway with our little dog Bailey.  He finally arrives, brings the wrong tow truck for our truck and 5th wheel so it takes him over an hour just to hitch us up. 
We get towed to a service station in Junction, TX (after turning the wrong way off the freeway and having to make a u-turn in the middle of a 4 lane highway and getting stuck (blocking traffic).  Another hour.  Finally get to the service station and they have to order a part to fix the hose.  Closest part is 100 miles away in San Antonio.  It is 5:00 pm.  We have to camp in the parking lot of this service station and pay one of his employees to drive to San Antonio for the part the next morning.  Finally got back on the road about 2:00 the next day.
Ok, it is our last day of travel and we have to get to Houston so we can set up our booth the next morning.  We made it - 9:00 pm and the RV park office is closed - we camp in the parking lot. 
But, hey we made it!  Our booth turned out really cute and we had a great show.

We introduced some of our new designs - which did very well: 
Here is our new "Christmas Village" block of the month
"Gingerbread" candle mat

"Christmas Chain"

"First Snow" little quilt and snowman in a jar.

Our new designs can be found on the website:
The drive home was pretty uneventful except for another tire blowout on the 5th wheel and losing a hubcap on our truck.  Thank God for AAA.  We might try a different route to Houston next year.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

The dust has finally settled from Quilt Festival in Long Beach, CA.  It was a great show for us - we met so many nice people and had a great time, even though Rhonda tripped over an empty bin during setup and tried to save her fall by grabbing a table on wheels - doesn't work - worse than the sprained ankle was the embarrasment, Mike was talking to Nick and Lisa from Primitive Gatherings and they saw the whole thing - don't you just hate to fall? 

Then there was Debbie's trip to the restroom to fill our vase with water for the beautiful daisies she brought from her garden.  As she was trying to fill the vase from those darned faucets with the sensors instead of handles, a man walked in.  She looked up and saw the wall of urinals and was horrified to realize she was in the men's room - the man didn't seem to mind and went about his business.  Typical.  We sure got a good laugh though.

We introduced some new projects in Long Beach, like our new book "Words With Wool". 

And our new candle mats "Trick or Treat" and "Crazy Christmas Tree"

And we started a new monthly project "Little Quilt Club", you can sign up to receive a complete kit for a little quilt each month.  Here is our first "Little Quilt Club" project "Harvest Pinwheels". 
Don't you just love all the fall colors?

And our new quilt "Christmas Memories" that did'nt get finished, but we took it anyway - it will be on the website when we get the center block embroidered.

Our next show is in San Diego at the convention center September 13 - 15, then we are off to Houston Quilt Festival - November 1 - 4.  More details to follow.